Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Stalkers

I'm getting a lot more recognition for my blog - and now strangers are actually coming up to me in random places to "meet" me.  Thankfully, they've all been so nice and normal and I never had the urge to scream "STRANGER DANGER" like they teach you in elementary school.

The first encounter was earlier this week when a lady came up to me in the local Bartells and asked, "Are you Laura?"  I said, "Yes" but instantly regretted it because, what do I know?. She could be a psycho ax murderer! Alas, she's not - she's Rebecca* and we have many mutual friends and I've heard a lot of nice things about her already (and no one mentioned that she even owns an ax).  I've been hoping to meet her and I'm so glad she stalked me through the drugstore (she admitted it) by peeking over the aisles and following me before getting up the nerve to come up to me.  She said she follows my blog and LOVES it and that she thinks of me as like a famous rock star!  I'm just glad she didn't ask me to sing...that would have frightened her away for sure.  She said she almost felt like asking for my autograph - well, HA, little does she know I don't give that out for FREE!  Okay, who am I kidding - it's free.  Anyway, Rebecca and I had such a great time chatting and she is just as nice as everyone says she is - and I'm totally not saying that because she'll read this!  And it wasn't at ALL weird that she was holding a massive can of hair spray that she claimed was for a kid art project.  Regardless, it was super fun having my first stalker!

The next day, I went to Starbucks and the girl there behind the counter said, "Hold On!" and ran in the back.  I didn't think much of it, maybe she had to pee?  I don't question these things.  But, she came out with an awesome card for me!  I was SHOCKED!  It was signed by a bunch of the ladies that work there and it was for ME!  I had told one of the ladies that works there a couple of weeks ago that I have cancer and she told me they do the Relay every year.  She must have told others and someone got a card and a bunch of people signed it.  It was really so nice and so touching.  And then the new store manager came out and introduced herself to me and said she'd heard about me.  This proves that #1. The people there are so nice and generous and #2. I spend way too much time there!  I mean, really, how often do you have to go to Starbucks before they start giving you cards?!

The next day was chemo day and I had TWO stalkers in one day!

First of all, the lady that I sat by last time at my 3rd chemo treatment sought me out to say hello.  She found me in my private room.  This was my 4th treatment and her 2nd.  She had cut her hair short and it was falling out but she was wearing a hat and looked darling in it.  She said she was doing well and not too tired.  She had a bad reaction to the initial chemo but they had brought her back the next week (the time when I met her) and changed the drugs and she had no bad reactions to those.  I was so happy to see her because the first time she was feeling pretty ambivalent about the chemo, I think, and I was just so happy to see her there again getting treatment and not giving up.  I made sure to find her (she had a private room too!!) and say goodbye before I left.  It didn't feel like a permanent goodbye - I think I'll see her again soon.

And then, right as I was finishing up, another lady stopped by.  Her name is Jennifer* and we have some mutual friends as well.  She heard that I was there and came to find me.  She said she loves this blog and she laughs so hard AND that it has really helped her!!  Today was Chemo #3 for her so she's just behind me and she loves the blog because she kind of knows what to expect next.  I love love love that I'm actually HELPING someone!  I really only started this blog to help ME and I didn't even know if I'd stick with it - I'm kind of flaky that way.  But, in part because of all the positive feedback I've gotten, I did stick with it and NOW people are telling me that it helps them!  I'm speechless...well, not really, but I'm really excited!  I liked Jennifer instantly, and not just because she was very complimentary.  Haha.  She told me that from reading my blog, she actually had a shaving party on Day 14 after her first chemo because she knew that it was going to fall out.  She invited friends over and shaved her head!!  I was amazed, I just thought that was so brave.  It's pretty incredible how brave we become sometimes when we have to - when there's no other choice but to be brave.  I forgot to tell my new friend, Jennifer, how cute I thought her hat is but maybe she'll read it here.

I've decided that it's kind of nice to have stalkers.  Nice stalkers that is.  I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.  Something important.

Autographs are still free...for now.

* - Names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent, sorry.


  1. Ok. So now you're practically REQUIRED to Relay this year!!! You're a local celebrity! xoxo

  2. For the record, the Aqua Net was really used as a fixative for The Scream art project. Could you REALLY be friends with someone who goes into Bartells to only buy Extra Hold Aqua Net? Also, that cute doctor referred to in an earlier post in the elevator might have been my husband. Tell your mom I don't take kindly to women trying to pick him up at work. But FYI, before I met him he was dating a women 10 years who knows..he might have winked at your mom?! I really don't think a cat fight is part of your recovery? I enjoyed stalking you today at McDonalds! Did you see the wiretap under the table when I left. Oh, wait, that was some french fries and an apple slice that Claire mistake!