Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hair Report

No, that's not a poodle on my head...

I end up with the goofiest pictures when I take them myself.  Egad!

1/24/12 - Almost 3 Months After Chemo

Goofiest Picture EVER!  LOL  But, it does show some good hair growth!!

12/28/11 - 2 Months After Chemo


12/8/11 - 6 Weeks Out From Chemo

Side View - Hey, starting to look impressive!!

Not so impressive on the top of my head.  <sigh>

Five Weeks Out From Chemo 12/1/11

The long hair has been growing since the beginning, the other hair is just barely beginning to grow.

Me, looking dorky 12/1/11


  1. You some parts of the world, women shave their heads in order to have it grow back thicker! So there is still hope. It's a good thing you're funny and beautiful inside and out. I don't know too many people who could pull this off like you are!

  2. Are you sure this are not the same pictures of las week cause I recognize that night gown ,hmmmm Well you have a lot of hair !! I'm getting excited for you , but I'm use to looking at you with no hair now , what am I going to do ??

  3. it will be so cute when you can spike it and make it sassy, kind of like PINK :D