Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Things About NOT Having HAIR!

I will, for sure, lose most of the hair on my head (enough to shave the rest off).  Some people lose all of the hair on their entire body!!!  Never fear, I have come up with a list of Good Things About NOT Having Hair!!

Goodbye Favorite Hair Clips!  <sniffle>
1. Savings on hair styling products.
2. No more shampoo and conditioner.
3. No more mascara clumps!
4. No more precious moments wasted by daily brushing.
5. Electric styling aids no longer needed (hair dryers, curling irons) = SAVE ELECTRICITY!
6. Opportunity to try different hair styles via wigs. (Does not apply to me)
7. Less to no hair in the drain!
8. Opportunity to become a "hat person."
9. NO chance of lice!
10. FREE bikini wax!
11. No leg shaving!  (Woot)
12. Any unwanted hair - GONE!
13. Can make money by posing as the NEW "Mr. Clean!"


  1. If the sun ever comes out, think how easy it is to cool off!

    P.S. If you feel the need to practice your Mr Clean persona, my bathroom tub is available.

  2. Oh and the no chance of lice is a HUGE bonus!

  3. Hi Laura. I'm testing this blog comment thing. I hope I'm doing it right.


  4. O.K., it appears to be working. I can imagine how elated you are to have answers...I'm like that too. You seem to be on quite a journey and I believe this blog is only the first of wonderful things to come from you. It's always best to turn a negative into a positive and to add humor and doesn't hurt to blame your mom either. Keep up the great work on your blog. You are helping more people than breast and renal cancer patients/survivors. Everyone can use your positive messages and humor. You bring a light to a dark subject for many. Thank you!


  5. Ya Cinde! Good to hear from you! And I agree about "blaming your mother." HAHA!

  6. love the list but with the luck you have, you will lose ALL your hair EXCEPT the pesky annoying ones.. LOL!!!
    love ya.. Ginnie