Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Does a Boob Weigh?

If you have read my blog, you will know that I had a failed attempt of weighing my boobs on the scale in my kitchen.  It started as a way to gauge how much weight I'd lose from surgery.  I figured if I could at least lose some weight from this whole thing, that would be a advantage. Sometimes you really have to LOOK for the good in situations.  Is there a special BMI category for the boob-less?

Beyond calculating weight loss from the surgery, it then became a matter of curiosity.  How much do these things weigh that I'm lugging around all the time?  Since I wasn't going to have them much longer, I became really curious.  As curious as I was though, my husband was dying to know.

Since they are gone and they aren't coming back, I will tell you that I was a DD bra size.  Even though it's only been a week of being boob-less, when I looked at one of my bras today I was shocked by all that...SPACE!  I put the bra up to my body and kind of laughed that I had boobs that took up all of that real estate in a bra!  Wow!

Which brings me to another point.  I feel so weird walking around without wearing a bra!  It's just so WRONG!  I can probably count on one hand the amount of times in my adult life that I've left the house without a bra!  I have been on my way to the ER, in agonizing pain, and, still, I've made sure I was wearing a bra!  And now, there is no need for a bra, but I keep feeling like I'm missing something - I keep stopping myself to make sure I'm fully dressed.  Something is missing!  Pants? Check. Shoes? Check. Bra?  Oh ya, don't need that - I look down my shirt just to confirm...

Another good method
Anyway, back to boob weight.  I weighed myself the morning of surgery.  I used the "proper" weighing technique - first thing in the morning, after squeezing every possible drop of pee out, totally naked, blowing all air out of my body.  It's the only true weight!  This is why I can justify deducting anywhere from 10-25 pounds off the weight I am at the doctor's office ("I had clothes on!" "I didn't pee!" "It's after 10 am!" "I forgot to breathe out!").

So, I knew how much I weighed right before surgery.  When I got on the scale yesterday, I was 9 pounds less.  According to my math (adjusted for drains, clothes, non-peeing, etc), I estimate I've lost 15 pounds since surgery.  But, how much of that was boob weight?

I was willing to go through the rest of my life not knowing for sure.

My husband was not.

At the surgeon's visit, my husband actually asked the surgeon if they weighed them!  I was mortified!!  Well, okay, I was mortified for about 10 seconds and then I, too, was pretty curious.  The surgeon said he didn't think they usually weigh them, but he'd check.  He came back victorious!  They DID weigh them!!  My husband and my surgeon were absolutely giddy!

Dr. Gallagher asked my husband to hazard a guess at how much he thought they weighed. His guess was frighteningly close!  In fact, when he said his guess, I blurted out, "NO! That's ridiculous!"

So, how much do DDs weigh?  Would you like me to hum the Jeopardy theme while you think about it?  Remember to write your guess in the form of a question!


What is 4.5 pounds?


FOUR AND A HALF POUNDS EACH!!!   Nine pounds total!  I was carrying a newborn baby around on my chest everyday for goodness sakes!

My husband's guess?  Four pounds each.  That scares me that he was so close.  I'm suspicious that he was rigging up some sort of pulley system to weigh them while I was sleeping...  I guessed around 2 pounds each. Boy, was I off!

Regardless, I'm off to recalculate my new BMI!

Boob Count =  106

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  1. i am rereading through the old blogs not sure if they notify you that you have a comment. you know if you really miss wearing a bra wear a sports bra if you can handle the snugness of it..