Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chemo #3 Tomorrow

The third of four chemo treatments is tomorrow.  I'm ready...sort of.  Now that we've been through this three times, we kind of know what needs to be done to prepare.  Since I lose a few days after, there are a lot of duties that my husband has to take over in the household including homework, making sure everyone gets fed and taking the kids to school, etc.  Once your husband really has to be YOU for a few days, I think that's when they finally appreciate all that you really do to keep things running smoothly.  Maybe.

We are getting better at planning for my "absence" and things are running more smoothly.  After the first chemo, in spite of leaving menu plans, my husband took the kids out to fast food 3 times in 5 days.  Eek!  Though, the kids thought they had died and gone to processed food heaven, this was not ideal to say the least.  I don't even remember what I ate.  I don't have too much interest in food for the first few days but I do eat a little.  The second chemo was much better.  My husband cooked delicacies like spaghetti and chili dogs with macaroni cheese.  See, my husband doesn't know HOW to cook - but he can manage simple items.  This third time, I have the menus ready and we have frozen food from people who have brought us meals - we should be all set to have some healthy dinners.

As for homework, I leave a pretty detailed list of what needs to be done and then just hope that it is all completed.  See, I'm the teacher in the house (my husband is the IT guy) so I've always dealt with all things school related.  My husband only has to step in when I've been really sick or after surgeries.  His methods are questionable but he usually gets the job done.

Even though it's not MOM doing all the normal routines, everyone survives during the few days after chemo when I feel too sick to care what they are eating or whether they flunk their math tests.

Unfortunately, It seems as though the side effects started today (the day before chemo).  I know my friend, Beth, says this happens to her.  The day before chemo she starts to feel sick.  It's anticipatory.  Your brain knows it's coming.  I didn't think this would happen to me!  I already knew about it!  I'm not going to give into something silly like that.  But, I don't know if it's really my brain giving me a hard time today or the medications I have to take the day before chemo that messed with me.  I was feeling pretty tired before taking the medicine (a powerful steroid), but I was wiped out after taking it.  And sick to my stomach.  Blech.  Brain Anticipation + Steroids = Not Good

Today, I've felt just lousy.  I've been sick off and on and I've taken two naps totaling about 4 hours, after sleeping 7 hours last night.  And I've had a headache since yesterday.  No fair!  It's been a long haul of a day because I've had to much to do - the day before chemo is always filled with last minute errands and planning.

I've had a string of good days now so I can't complain too much.  The second chemo was worse than the first and I expect #3 to be worse than #2.  I hear it works that way.  Not something to look forward to.

But, overall, I really am doing okay.  I expect the first week to be pretty bad with the nausea, headaches, fatigue and diarrhea (TMI - you're welcome).  But then things slowly improve from there.

The side effect that seems to be lasting the longest is the fatigue.  I notice that I can only make it to one or two places of errands before I've had it.  I need a nap.  No more marathon shopping for me.  I would say that my husband would be thrilled at saving money but, unfortunately for him, I've found more things to order online!  Woot!

For now, it's time for bed.  Even though it's late, I know I'll make up sleeping in the next few days so going bed late tonight doesn't really matter.  If I felt better, I know I'd be thrilled at the fact that this is #3 out of 4.  I'd say, "Bring it on!!"  Maybe I'll have the energy in the morning...but I doubt it.

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