Monday, September 26, 2011


It's hard for me to write these days.  I have several items that I've started on, only to either trash or just "shelve." I'm having trouble writing.  For some reason, the words don't seem to come as easily.  Sometimes I'm worried that I've just said everything there is to say about cancer...but I know that can't be true.

I think it's the chemo.  I think it's the phenomenon known as chemo brain!  I can't think straight sometimes.  And writing seems to be the most difficult.  I struggle for words at times.  And then when I do finish writing something, I'm not happy with it so I don't publish it.  I have so many items part completed.

I still have a lot to say but I feel like I can't say it.  Even now...  In the past, I could have gone on for paragraphs about not having anything to say.  But, I'm out of ideas already.

This is bad.  How will I ever become rich and famous as a reluctant writer if I can't WRITE?!!


  1. It's the chemo brain. People tell me that my ability to think and express myself will come back some day, but I don't know. Maybe try putting on one of your cute hats to see if it stimulates brain activity. ;)

  2. It wasn't th chemo that got me first (although, it didn't help), it was pregnancy!