Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Days, Bad Days

I had such a good day the other day, on Wednesday, that I thought, "Ha!  I'm doing great! Less than a week out from chemo and look at me, out and about and feeling goooooooood!"  Because except for a bit of lingering bathroom issues, the aches and pains were gone and I had some of my old energy.  I even got great news from my urologist on this day.  Renal Cancer GONE!  No cancer in lungs! Come back in 6 months!  I was elated and feeling great!  Cancer won't beat me! HA!  I laugh in the face of Cancer!

And then Thursday came and I paid for my ignorance.  Not only was the diarrhea back with a vengeance, but I felt exhausted and miserable.  As the day wore on, the bone pain was back.  It was so bad that I had trouble walking and I felt like I had lightning bolts going through my body.  It's incredibly painful.

The one good thing that came from the day was meeting my friend, Imodium AD.  After the last few days I've had; I suspect we are going to become frequent companions.  It really does work.  Thank Goodness!

Today is Friday.  I'm feeling more tired than usual but okay otherwise.  I know now to not get too cocky about a "good" day because I learned that cancer isn't a straight road from beginning to end.  There are twists and turns and some days I feel like I'm even going in reverse.

Today's New Fun Side Effect: Mouth Sores!  (Oh joy)


Hair Status:  Even My Kids Want it to Hurry up and Just Fall Out!


  1. Love the hair status is funny but I am glad you still have your hair :)

  2. Do toy find it weird that you are sitting there waiting for your hair to fall out?