Monday, August 22, 2011

Counting the Hours

15 Hours: Tomorrow afternoon I go for my last official oncologist appointment before having the port put in and starting chemo.  I've already had this appointment twice before and then chemo got pushed back because of my wound on the right side not healing as fast as we would like.  So, I don't expect any surprises.  I do have to have blood taken again to check everything.  Last blood test stick before chemo!  That's something to celebrate!  Woot!

39 Hours: Wednesday is when I report to the hospital for surgery to have the port put in.  Not looking forward to this AT ALL!  First of all, I can't eat after midnight and, as it stands now, my check in time is 1 pm!  Mean!  Then I have to get an IV and I won't bore you again with how much I hate IVs but I really really do.  (A Lot!)  But, again, last IV for a while so that's something to celebrate as well!  The surgery for the port is a short one, only 20-30 minutes long.  I'll spend more time (2 hours at least) getting prepped and waiting for surgery than I will IN surgery.  I come home the same day.  It's not a particularly painful surgery, just a small incision on my left chest.

Power Port!
A "port" is a device that is put under the skin in the upper chest and is connected to a vein.  This port can be accessed easily and often with a needle to take blood and also to give chemotherapy treatments.  The huge advantage is that there is no hunting for veins every time you go in which, for me, is huge!  There is a numbing lotion given that I'll put on at home before I leave each time to have blood taken or for chemo and it'll numb the area (hopefully!) and then it won't hurt!  That would be so nice!  What a change!

I'm getting what is called a POWER PORT!  I had such high hopes that I'd have super powers after having it put in like invisibility or power of flight or, more importantly, the power to heal (I need that one!).  But, no.  It does not come with any super powers!  What a letdown!  However, apparently a power port is a bit easier to access than just a regular old port.  However, it sits up higher under the skin - which is kind of creepy but I'm trying to overlook that knowing all the benefits I WILL get from having a port.

63 Hours: I report on Thursday for chemo!  The first treatment.  First time I'm hooked up to the liquid poison.  Ugh.  I'll be forcing myself to go, trust me.  My chemo is at the Cancer Center, so I'm familiar with the place and know where to go.  I've seen the area and it's really beautiful with private rooms and cozy recliners.  They want to make you comfy while they make you sick.  How nice of them.

My 5 year old niece spent the night last night and when we took her home she said to her Mother, "Mommy, did you notice that Aunt Laura lost her boobies?!"  Haha!  It was great!  They have talked to her some about me having cancer - in 5 year old words.  She was very worried about me losing my hair and being sick.  I told her that yes the medicine would make me lose my hair but it would make the rest of me all better.  She seemed okay with that.

I held my new nephew today, only 9 days old.  My first time meeting him.  It should be healing to hold a new life and I did enjoy every moment, he's a cutie.  But, all I could think was exactly what I whispered to him softly, "I hope I'm around to see you grow up."


  1. Keep the faith that you will be girl!

  2. You WILL be around to make him laugh and maybe embarrass him too , lol :) I will be praying for you this week and I hope everything goes well .
    You have the power of awesomeness !!!! and that will make you win all your battles I have faith in you :)

  3. That's what we all want, Laura.

    Thinking of you and your family this week.

  4. Mommy you can kick cancer in the butt!