Tuesday, August 23, 2011


"I'm Waiting for YOU, Laura! Muahahaha"
I just found out today, at my last oncologist appointment before chemo, that I have to go back in the day after each chemo and get a shot!!!  With a NEEDLE!  In the ARM!

My Mother pointed out that this was probably the least of my worries but I don't like shots and I've chosen to focus on this aspect of my torture for now.

The injection will be something called "Neulasta."  This will insure that my white blood cells don't drop too low (they are killed off by the chemo).  Since I still have an open wound from the surgery, the shot will help guard, hopefully, against me getting an infection.  Also, since my white blood cells won't dip as low, I'll have a better chance of not getting sick - getting sick during chemo would be bad, very bad.

Still, no one could invent this in pill form yet?!  Geez!

Stuffed animal representation of spleen
How clever.
Since I like to be informed, I looked up the side effects of this particular medication.  The first one was ruptured spleen.  Well, that doesn't sound like a good idea at all!  I'm pretty sure you need your spleen and, even though, I'm not really sure what my spleen does I don't really want it blowing up inside of me.  I know they have to put up every possible side effect, but my poor spleen almost exploded just from reading that!

I asked why this shot couldn't be put through the port!  I mean, HELLO, I'm having surgery just to have this stupid thing put in so that I won't have to get stuck with needles and NOW I'm given this information?!  I think these people just look for things to put in needles to stick people with!  Anyway, the shot has to be done in a "fatty" area so they do it in your arm.  I don't think he was calling my arms fat.  I tried to not look insulted.

They changed the time that I have to show up for the surgery tomorrow to noon (from 1 p.m.).  One more IV to go and then I'll have the port.  And then no more needles for me!  WOOT!!

Oh wait, I forgot about that damn shot again!

I'm going to run away from home.


  1. Lol !!!! You are the funniest ever ;P

  2. I have it on good authority that you don't *need* your spleen. And by "good authority" I mean I read it on the internet, which sounds suspect until you realize that it was a post written by a woman with no spleen. Who was comforting me when my dog had to have his spleen removed, which isn't *exactly* the same, I guess, but ....

    Wait, what was I saying?

    At least they picked your arm for a fatty area. I'm pretty sure on me they'd go right for the belly. Just sayin'.