Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yesterday, I saw my surgeon again for my weekly appointment.  The most exciting thing that happened was I lost the last drain!  YEAH!!!  I was elated!  In fact, a few hours later, I announced to my whole family that I was GOING TO THE BATHROOM!  I paused to let the gravity of this sink in but then I noticed everyone was looking at me strangely...  I reminded them, "No more drains!"  Everyone then understood and were excited along with me.

You see, once I had just one drain, I stopped wearing the special camisole I got because it was a little hot and uncomfortable - I was just tucking that one drain in my underwear.  (I realize we are approaching TMI territory here...)  But, it was poking me and navigating the bathroom was a pain.  Because if you drop the stupid drain, it pulls on your skin and hurts.  So, I would put it on the counter when I peed and then I'd have to carefully pull up the undies and then pick up the drain and tuck it in.  Always careful to not accidentally drop it (I did a couple of times - OUCH) or open it (YUCK!).  I was so thankful when it was out and gone for good!!  I even (THIS IS TMI) slept without underwear last night...just because I could!  WOOT!  Aren't you sorry you read that now?

One of my "boob" sides is healing perfectly!  Almost healed actually!  The other side...not so good.  My surgeon keeps saying that it's amazing that you can do the same surgery on both sides and have two totally different results.  My right side (the healthy boob side by the way) is not healing as fast and has opened up.  (YUCK again!)  It has to be packed twice a day by my nurse AKA my husband.  I have not looked at what it going on down there, I don't want to know!  But, according to my nurse, it's not pretty.  It's healing, but slowly.

Because of this, my chemo is being pushed back a week or two.  Once you are on chemo, you heal so much slower and your chance for infection skyrockets.  We want to avoid that at all costs, obviously.  So, instead of chemo starting on the 11th, it'll be either the 18th or 25th.

I was sooooo happy!  I know I shouldn't be happy!  I feel like I should be disappointed, upset even!  I should WANT for those cancer cells to be out of my body PRONTO!  But, I just can't help feeling excited!  I know I'm putting off the inevitable - chemo is going to happen soon whether I want it or not - but it's so nice to just have some peace for another week or two and just enjoy life and enjoy healing.

Chemo will be there when it's time.  And I'll be there when it's time.

People Outside My Family Who've Seen My "Boobs": 29
Boob Count: 110


  1. Yeah for drainless! I remember having to "strip" mom's. Not the prettiest things but now your's are GONE! YIPPIE! Rest up and heal that sore side!

  2. Laura, Wahoo! on the drains. They're a pain in the tush. Enjoy your time and be excited. I especially love the part of you wearing no underwear because you could. Isn't it nice to be able to totally enjoy the little things and how much pleasure they can bring. You go, Girl!

    Love you,