Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Sidekicks

The Love of my Life, Greg
Yesterday was a difficult day, no secret about that.  Thankfully, I had TWO friends with me to journey through the day.  The first one, as you already know was my husband, Greg.  He held my hand when I cried, hugged me, made me laugh at all the right times and assured me he'd love me if I had both boobs, a uni-boob or no boobs at all.

Don't get me wrong, he drives me absolutely bonkers half the time!  He can't fold a towel properly to save his life, he ALWAYS rolls his socks into little balls and throws them in the laundry that way and I refuse to share a toothpaste tube with him.  But, when I need him, he's there for me and he knows just what to say and just how to be my rock.  I love him so much.

The other friend with me yesterday was my puppy.  Oh yes, I'm one of THOSE people.  I have a puppy that fits in a purse.  (NO!  DON'T CLICK OFF!  REALLY!  I'M NORMAL!  COME BACK!!!)  See, I've wanted a little Yorkie for a couple of years ago.  My 9 year old daughter struck the deal that if I got a puppy then Daddy should get an X-box 360.  I'm totally fine with that.  My husband was willing to forgo his X-box 360 in order to ensure that no more animals entered this household (we already had 2 dogs and cat).  But, when you get renal cancer and live through it, your husband is so happy to have you and have you be okay that in a moment of weakness, he'll agree to anything!   (I should have asked for a Ferrari!)

Two months ago, I found the cutest YorkiePoo puppies and I had to have one!  I talked Greg into it and the kids and went to visit and chose a girl puppy.  Since I can't have anymore human babies (due to health problems, well that's probably obvious by now - HA!), she has become my baby.  And YES I have one of those cute purses to carry her around in.  I don't take her often really - because I don't like to take her places that I think her presence might offend someone like restaurants, grocery stores, doctor's offices, etc.  Even though she's totally confined in her little purse and you can barely see her, I know some people might still have a problem with it.

Yesterday, however, we were going to be gone for at least 8 hours - from 9 am to 5 pm.  We've never left her that long before and she needs to eat every couple of hours - she's only 2 pounds.  So, we loaded her up in her cute purse and my husband had strict instructions to ignore her so no one would notice her.

Now, Molly (that's her name) doesn't mind the purse for the most part.  She feels cozy and safe and she usually falls asleep.  Our first appointment was with the surgeon and I had to stand and wait to check-in at the counter for quite a long time.  In the waiting room was a 3 year old.  If anyone is going to blow your cover, it's going to be a 3 year old.  As I'm standing waiting, I hear him loudly tell the entire waiting room, "Hey!  There's a puppy!!"  As Greg and I glanced at each other and laughed, I tried to ignore him.  Well, anyone who has spent any time around a 3 year old knows they!  So, he was soon by my side repeating "There's a puppy!"  I said to him quietly, "Yes, but it's supposed to be a SECRET."  This is when he turns around and announces to the entire lobby and office, "IT'S A SECRET PUPPY!"  Great kid!  Thanks for keeping it on the down-low.

When we made it back to the exam room, Molly was a bit more anxious than usual and she started to whine. As we were waiting, Greg had her in the purse on his lap and he was petting her trying to not draw attention to himself.  When the surgeon came in, Molly was asleep but Greg continued still petting her - you can't really see in the purse so we didn't think anyone would notice.  The surgeon did the exam, we talked for a good 20 minutes and THEN when the surgeon got ready to leave he said, "Well, I see your husband is just perfectly happy to sit and pet the puppy."  LOL!  Darnit!  The jig was up!

We went through the rest of our day and never heard a peep from Molly and no one else noticed her at all.  It really helped me to have her.  I didn't have to worry about her and she was there to cuddle and love when I needed her.  Wow, I sound like a huge freak now.  You're welcome.

Anyway, it's my two "friends" that got me through yesterday - thank you.  And, for those of you wondering, my husband still doesn't have his X-box....soon honey, soon!

(And yes, I realize that I just used 2 paragraphs to talk about my husband and then 6 about my DOG - Sorry honey!  Haha!)

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  1. Aren't the little fur-kids the best?! A definite calming factor when times are tough. That little 3-year-old cracks me up!