Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking Care of Me

I've read a lot over the last few days about taking good care of yourself when you have breast cancer.  Things like eating well, exercising and sleeping well seem to be really important for more reasons than one.  I've really taken this advice to heart.

Yesterday I had a cupcake for lunch.  The day before that, I had Ben & Jerry's ice cream at 10:30 a.m.  Today, I'm considering popcorn and it's 10:42 a.m.  Also, I have gotten dressed for the gym twice and I even drove through the parking lot once this week!  As far as sleeping, I've taken a nap every day this week and I took two yesterday.  I'm doing really well.

You see, I think every crisis should be allowed some wallowing.  Sometimes being good to yourself means just letting yourself be.  Just letting yourself feel and be in the moment and not try to be "good."  I will admit that I'm good at wallowing. The thing about wallowing though is that you have to have a strict "end date," otherwise you just become pathetic.  I have yet to figure out my end date but it will be soon.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe Monday - everyone likes to start things anew on Mondays for some reason so that's reasonable.  Monday is the universal start over day.

In case you are new to wallowing, I have some tips:

1. During the wallowing period, you do not have to do anything you don't want to do.  Pesky things like cleaning the kitchen, laundry, making sure your children have matching socks, etc - no longer priorities.
2. The wallowing period should be filled with copious amounts of naps, TV and reading People magazine.
3. No healthy food (unless it's what you really want) shall enter the wallowing period.
4. Sleeping is the main priority.
5. Two Words: Ice cream.
6. No make-up is allowed in the wallowing period.
7. Comfortable clothes and looking like you just rolled out of bed are advised during the wallowing period.

I truly believe that sometimes it's okay to just let yourself be sad.  Let yourself go and feel sorry for yourself and think about how much life really sucks sometimes.  Just don't make a habit of it!

As for me, I've got a few more wallowing days on my schedule.

I wonder if there are any cupcakes left...


  1. i am so good at wallowing. if anyone needs any other tips besides laura's (although she has a pretty complete list) please let me know!

    hey - you didn't say BOOB

  2. Love it! Let me know if you need a wallowing companion!

  3. Drat! I forgot to set the end date before wallowing. Oh well.